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Support after suicide

Support after suicide

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Aroha tragically lost her daughter Jacinta to suicide in 2015. Aroha’s words reflect the truly terrible impact a suicide has. Thank you Aroha for sharing your story with us.

"My contact with Victim Support has not stopped and it has been 44 months since my Jacinta became an angel. They arrived within the first few hours of my finding out about Jacinta’s death and I still have regular contact today.

I didn’t believe it and for days wondered if this was actually happening to me. I was overwhelmed, scared, and I had a thousand questions. I didn’t know where my daughter was, whether I could see her, touch her, or what the process was since she had taken her life. I knew the Police were involved but I didn’t know in what capacity. Not only had I lost my baby, but I was now faced with hours, days of uncertainty.

"The support and encouragement from the support workers has been so reassuring. It has given me confidence to continue to have a relationship with Victim Support through what has been the worst time of my life."

They understood the overwhelming mix of feelings, and offered our whānau a rock to stand on during the toughest time in our lives. I have experienced compassion, support and I have learnt a lot about suicide and grief. I have met others who are on the same journey as me through my dealings with Victim Support and I couldn’t be more grateful."

Objectives of Victim Support’s suicide postvention support:

1. Ease trauma.

2. Prevent the complications of grief.

3. Minimise the risk of suicidal behaviour in the grieving process.

4. Encourage coping and resilience.

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