Feedback and complaints

Victim Support is committed to providing the best possible service to victims and other users of its services. 

Complaints: We acknowledge that complaints form an important part of feedback to the organisation and can contribute to the improvement of Victim Support and its services. Please email complaints to You will be contacted once your complaint has been received and reviewed.

Feedback: Please send general feedback to us via the message form here to give us feedback on any aspect of our services and support.

You can download a copy of our External feedback & complaints policy.

This policy provides a framework to ensure that:

  • complaints are taken seriously and are resolved in a timely and responsive manner
  • complaints are dealt with in a sensitive, fair, expeditious and professional manner that does not breach the lawful rights of any individual
  • an impartial and consistent approach is followed ensuring parity and uniformity in complaint resolution
  • all individuals involved in a complaint are made aware of the procedures and steps that will be followed
  • the privacy and confidentiality of all parties, where applicable, will be respected.


External feedback & complaints policy