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Taking a leap of faith towards healing

Taking a leap of faith towards healing

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A traumatic experience can have such a huge impact on oneself that we can carry around for a lifetime. When we are at our lowest we have this tendency to believe we can do this ourselves, that she’ll be right, we don’t need help when in fact without realising it this is the time we need to reach out.

Reaching out for help can be daunting and scary and you will feel; I don’t want to do it even though it would be good for me but even though it’s hard, we can take that leap of faith and do it. This is what I did.

I was emotionally distraught, mentally incapable and was becoming physically self-destructive. With the kind, gentle support of Victim Support I was referred to counselling services who reached out to me.I took that leap of faith and gave it a go. The first counsellor was helpful and gave me ways and techniques to help me cope, but I felt I needed something more. I didn’t give up on my hope to heal so I visited another counsellor. It wasn’t until the third counsellor that I found someone that was the right fit for me and I could finally open up and share my darkest moments and thoughts without feeling judged for feeling the way I did.

"I eventually found renewed strength and with one minute, one step, one focus at a time, I finally started to get a hold of myself."

The counselling services are free for up to 30 free sessions. I started with once a week visits until I was able to move forward to fortnightly sessions. I still do counselling but only when I feel I need to. My counsellor has been kind and caring and agreed to keep my same counselling session time available for when I need to see her.

At this moment we are doing three weekly/once a month sessions.If I had not taken that leap of faith, I do believe I would still be emotionally distraught, mentally incapable and physically self-destructive, hurting myself and destroying my family. For that I am ever so grateful, so talk to your Support Worker and take that leap of faith as I did towards healing.

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