What we do

Victim Support provides a free, nationwide support service for people affected by crime, trauma, and suicide in New Zealand. We help our clients to find safety, healing, and justice after crime and other traumatic events.

If you need our help:
You can ask police to refer you to Victim Support or call us directly on 0800 842 846 to be connected with a Support Worker.

When you call us, you’ll come through to our 24/7 Contact Service. Our Contact Service will ask you for some basic information about your situation so they can connect you with the support you need. They will then arrange for a Support Worker to contact you.

Our service is delivered by a nationwide network of trained Support Workers who can help you with:

  • someone to listen, talk with, and support you to cope through crime, trauma, and loss
  • help to answer your questions, understand your rights, and make informed choices
  • someone to assist and support you at court trials, hearings, and dealing with police and other government agencies
  • help to access local support services and counselling to suit your situation
  • safety planning and support for people affected by family violence and harm
  • help to prepare Victim Impact Statements and attend family group or restorative justice conferences
  • financial assistance for victims of serious crime.

Your Support Worker can arrange to provide support where and when you need it. This could be in your home, at a Police Station or other safe place, or over the phone.

As well as supporting victims directly, Victim Support also administers the Victim Assistance Scheme on behalf of the Ministry of Justice. This programme provides financial support to victims of serious crime to assist in their recovery and participation in the justice process.

Victim Support is available for anyone directly affected by an incident, including family members and witnesses. You don’t need to report a crime or incident to police to receive our help.

Our Support Workers are trained to tailor support to the unique needs of you and your family or whānau. We can provide support for you individually, or as a family or group.

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