Our vision and values

Victim Support is here to walk alongside and empower victims on their journeys to safety, healing, and participation. We believe in putting victims and their needs at the heart of the justice system and supporting victims with heart for as long as they need us.

Our purpose
To strengthen the mana, belonging, and well-being of people affected by crime, trauma, and suicide in Aotearoa New Zealand.

Our vision
Victims receive support at every step of their journey, 24/7, with heart.

Our mission
We support and empower victims to be safe, heal, and participate at every step of their journey.

Manaaki tāngata
We are there to support and care for the people of Aotearoa New Zealand. Wrapping support, hospitality, and care around others binds us together.

Manaaki tāngata is represented in the koru design used throughout Victim Support’s digital and printed material. This was gifted to Victim Support from Ngāti Whātua Orakei with it’s symbolism to Te korowai o Manaaki Tāngata (the cloak of Victim Support) wrapped around clients their family, hapū, iwi, and communities worked with or supported.

We do this by symbolically using the korowai (cloak) to embrace people with warmth, care, and support, adhering to the following values.

manaakitanaga icon

Te tohu o te rangatira, he manaaki.
The sign of a chief is manaakitanga.

Respect, generosity, and care for others to strengthen the mana of victims, representing the many aspects of support we provide to victims across their tapa whā.

Whanaunatanga icon

He hono he tangata e kore e motu - kāpā he taura waka e motu.
Connections between people cannot be severed - whereas those of a canoe-rope can.

Our relationships and our connections to each other, woven together by what we share – representing Victim Support as a whānau woven together by our shared experiences.


Rangatiratangatātou katoa i runga i ngā tikanga o tēnā, o tēnā, o tēnā.

Self-determination for each of us springs from our own unique will.

Self-determination of individuals and peoples – representing the empowering of victims and whānau and respecting their right to choose their own path.

kotahitanga icon

Mā te kotahitanga e whai kaha ai tātauā.
In unity we have strength.

Unity, togetherness, and collective action – representing our shared commitment to Victim Support’s mission, vision, and purpose.

kaiiiakitanga icon

Hauā te waka tapa i reira.
Hauā te kai tapa i reira.
Hangā te whare kii e te whāinga.

Here lies the waka anchored at the edge.
Here is the kai prepared for the people.

Build your whare and lay forth the rituals within the whare.

Guardianship and responsibility - representing our commitment to uphold the safety, well-being, and rights of those we support.


Your rights as a victim