Local Group Committees

Local Group Committees (LGCs) are the eyes and ears of Victim Support in the community. The LGCs support local Victim Support teams and provide representatives to the National Board.
LGC chairs at Victim Support 2020 AGM

Historically, LGCs were the employer and main fundraiser – responsible for securing local funds to run local operations.

Since Victim Support became a national organisation in 2004, LGCs have continued to make important contributions in different ways with a focus on promoting Victim Support and the interests of victims in their communities.

There are 19 LGCs operating around the country grouped into six regions. Victim Supports’ governing Board of nine is made up of representatives from these committees, elected by each region. Two Māori representatives represent each of the North and South Islands.

LGC members are Victim Support’s kaitiaki– guardians – who champion Victim Support’s work, uphold our values, and support our people.