Victim Support | Workplace giving
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Workplace giving


Workplace giving is a great way to make regular donations to help Victim Support through your pay.

What is payroll giving

It is a voluntary initiative introduced in January 2010 that enable employees to make donations to charities like Victim Support through their employer’s payroll system.  The charity must be a registered donee organisation with the Department of Inland Revenue.

Benefit to employees

Donations made through payroll giving receive an immediate PAYE credit of 33 per cent of the donation amount.  This means if you donate $15, it actually only costs you $10.

Your donation is deducted before you receive your pay.  It is seamless and immediate.

Ask your employer to consider setting up your pay, so you can give regularly to Victim Support and help us have funding certainty enabling us to plan ahead.

For more information, contact us today.


A workplace giving programme is a great way to support recruitment and retention strategies, and shows your organisation as a socially responsible organisation that supports and cares about things that matter to employees outside of the workplace.

If you are interested in establishing your own corporate workplace giving programme please contact us or Philanthropy New Zealand.