Victim Support | Victim Support – we support and empower victims
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Victim Support – we support and empower victims

Victim Support – we support and empower victims

Thank you for the wonderful support and inquiries we’ve been receiving in the wake of March 15. To help you gain a better understanding of Victim Support, we have put together some key facts, information about our history of supporting victims, and our contact details below.


When someone’s world turns upside-down, Victim Support are here for them. We’ll support victims throughout their journey to safety, justice, and wellbeing. We are here to make sure that free practical and emotional support is readily available to those affected by crime, trauma or suicide, 24/7.


At Victim Support, we believe that good support after harm is good prevention too. By supporting and empowering victims, we can reduce the harm that an incident creates in their lives. By offering victims who remain at risk the support, information, and tools they need to create positive change, we can help to break patterns of harm and empower victims, their families and whanau to build safer futures.


For 30 years, we’ve helped people understand their grief and trauma and give them the tools to cope with it. We listen, we care, we’re there. We empower victims to participate fully and fairly in the justice system and work towards a justice system with victims at its centre. We make the justice system fairer and more accessible for victims, referring victims to hundreds of other services in the community and ensuring they have the information and support they need to be seen and heard. In some cases, we help to reduce the financial burden associated with an event.


A victim might be a person directly affected by the crime or incident, a member of their family, a witness to the event, the first person on the scene of an incident, and more.


We support

  • Family violence victims.
  • Victims following a homicide.
  • People affected by vehicle collisions.
  • People bereaved by sudden death.
  • People affected by suicide.
  • Victims following an aggravated robbery.
  • Victims of assault, burglary, and other crimes.


We provide

  • Emotional support.
  • Practical support.
  • Financial support after a serious crime.
  • Help dealing with the criminal justice system.
  • Referrals to other support services.


Our service is free and available 24/7.


Victim Support is a charity

We wish to thank the Ministry of Justice, the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Social Development for their financial support, as well as the New Zealand Police for their in-kind support of rent-free office spaces nationwide. Donations from the public and charitable trusts are also critical to our sustainability. These donations help keep our services free, keep our 24/7 contact centre open for victims to call anytime, recruit and train Volunteer Support Workers, provide support resources, and much more. We thank all our sponsors, donors, and contributors for their support


Mixed service model

• Victim Support operates a mixed model with staff and volunteers working together to provide our services. Volunteer Support Workers make our 24/7, nationwide model possible, while paid Support Workers provide additional expertise and capacity where its most needed.

• Service Coordinators provide debriefing, supervision, case management, coaching, and regular training to the Volunteer Support Workers. We deliver direct support to victims in the victim’s home, at police stations, at the scene, in court, and in the community.


For immediate assistance please call 0800 842 846

This number will get you through to our 24 hr Contact Service that manages victim referrals and improves volunteer Support Worker safety throughout New Zealand.


Interested in becoming a volunteer support worker?

Call us on 0800 volunteer – (0800 86 58 68) or learn more here.