Victim Support | Victim Support third lump sum payment to victims takes total distributed to $7 million
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Victim Support third lump sum payment to victims takes total distributed to $7 million

Victim Support third lump sum payment to victims takes total distributed to $7 million

11 May 2019 Victim Support confirms victims of Christchurch attacks will get third lump sum payment next week.

Following on from the announcement yesterday regarding the distribution of remaining funds raised through its Christchurch mosque attack victim fund appeal, Victim Support confirms that a third lump sum payment will be paid into victims accounts next week.

Victim Support Chief Executive, Kevin Tso said “The third lump sum payment amount has been agreed with Islamic Community leaders and we are contacting the victims on the Police list which was given to us this week.”

“We are working hard to advise the victims of this payment and to confirm bank account details so they are included in the banking process to deposit this third lump sum payment directly into their accounts next week’.

‘It can take up to five days for these payments to land in the victims accounts so we are working hard to get this information as quickly as possible”.

Victim Support is planning to process the following payments on Tuesday 14 May 2019 to the 283 victims on the Police victim list. The lump sums will be deposited into victim’s accounts over the following 4 to 5 business banking days:

  • $15,000 to the next-of-kin of the deceased
  • $12,000 to those physically injured during the attacks
  • $12,000 to other victims present at the two mosques at the time of the shootings

Other victims present at the two mosques at the time of the shootings will receive an amount equal to physically injured victims in this payment, reflecting that victims in this category have not received lump sum payments to date.

Victim Support chose not to include the specific payment amounts in the announcement made on Friday 10 May to ensure that, to the greatest degree possible, recipients could be notified of the lump sum amount prior to the general public.

As a key part of the MSD led case management service to victims, Victim Support continues to provide emergency support to the victims of the Christchurch shootings every day.  They encourage victims to contact them directly for more information about the payments. They can be contacted 24 hours a day, 7 days a week on 0800 842846.

More than $10.5 million was raised by the charity Victim Support through Givealittle. Donations continue to flow in to help victims of the attacks through Givealittle and directly to the charity.

This payment will bring the total distributed to victims to date to $7 million. This has been funded from the $10.5 million pledged to Victim Support through Givealittle, as well as additional pledges from Islamic community organisations and donations received by the charity through other channels.

A final payment will be made in June once all donations have been received and a final appeal total is known.

A contingency amount of $1 million will be held back from the final payment to ensure that Victim Support can meet commitments to victims’ emergency expenses and provide financial assistance to new victims who are still to come forward.

As committed from the outset of the appeal, no portion of the funds donated will be used to cover administration expenses. 100 per cent of funds received will go to victims.




Editor’s Note: 

Victim Support is a registered charity and is not a government agency.

Our core role is to provide practical and emotional support, plus guidance and information to victims.

Victim Support works collaboratively with other fundholders, but it does not control the funds held by these groups.