Victim Support | Victim feedback on donated funds for last distribution FAQs: 24 June 2019
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Victim feedback on donated funds for last distribution FAQs: 24 June 2019

Victim feedback on donated funds for last distribution FAQs: 24 June 2019

 24 June 2019

How much was raised via the Givealittle account and how much will be distributed to victims in the last distribution?

Victim Support’s Givealittle page raised more than $2million in the first two days and was closed on 20 May 2019 having reached a total of $10.7 million from more than 100,000 donors. Donations have been received through other sources.

To date Victim Support has distributed more than $7million directly as emergency and lump sum payments to the victims of the mosque attacks, including funds from Givealittle and Islamic community groups.

What were the criteria and eligibility for victims receiving donated funds in this last distribution?

In the weeks following the attack, Victim Support was contacted by more than 900 people who had been affected by the attacks. Victims impacted included those at the mosques, those bereaved, and their family members. Three days after launching our appeal, Victim Support began distributing emergency financial support for the immediate needs of those affected.

In May, the Police confirmed an official list of victims that had been present at the time of the attacks. This provided Victim Support with the data needed to distribute the donated funds to the expanded Police list, including those present at the attacks who were not physically injured.

More information about our financial support is available here.

How much is being distributed to victims in this last distribution?

Victim Support will announce the final amounts this week. It is important that victims have a chance to be notified before the general public.

How has Victim Support determined the amounts to be distributed in this last distribution?

Victim Support undertook an engagement process directly with victims between 21 May and 7 June 2019.

Feedback from this engagement with victims was independently recorded by a solicitor provided on a pro bono basis by Bell Gully. To ensure fair and neutral assessment, CBG Research independently analysed the feedback and reported back to Victim Support, also on a pro bono basis.

Victim Support took the insights and recommendations from this report and the engagement process to determine an approach for the distribution of the remaining donations.

In accordance with New Zealand fundraising laws, Victim Support’s decision-making process is also guided by the Use of Funds statement on our Givealittle page to ensure funds are used to meet donors’ intentions.

What input have victims had in determining the distribution?

More than half of the victims on the Police List engaged with us about the distribution of the remaining donations. These victims talked with Kevin Tso, Chief Executive of Victim Support, in their homes, in hospital wards, and at nearby venues. In addition, phone calls were held with victims based in such places as Pakistan, India and Australia, whilst others took up the invitation to email their views on the last distribution of funds.

Broadly there was a good representation of views from the bereaved, the shot, the injured and those present at the time of the attacks.

We knew that there would be vastly different views amongst victims about how these remaining funds should be prioritized. This became more evident as 14 different distribution approaches were suggested by the victims. These ranged from evenly distributing the funds across all victims, to only supporting the bereaved and injured.

There were however key themes voiced by victims that will inform how the final payments are made. These included:

  • Ratio based: While distribution preferences were varied and sometime none were expressed, the most common preferences were for ratio-based distributions (increasing amounts distributed across escalating categories).
  • Prioritise the bereaved and severely injured: There is deep concern that those bereaved and the severely injured are adequately supported.
  • Take account of mental trauma: Those suffering mental trauma expressed their need to be included in the distribution.

How is Victim Support communicating the last funding distribution to victims?

All victims on the Police List are invited to meetings on Thursday 28 June 2019 to hear details of the last payments. Those unable to attend will receive a notice from Victim Support electronically after the event.

Who do I contact if I believe I may be eligible for support from these donated funds?

Victim Support will contact all victims eligible for lump sum payments directly. If you have not been contacted and believe you are eligible, please call us on 0800 VICTIM (842 846) or email us at