Victim Support | Update on victim engagement for final distribution of Christchurch victim funds
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Update on victim engagement for final distribution of Christchurch victim funds

Update on victim engagement for final distribution of Christchurch victim funds

NB: Victims seeking more information on the below meetings, please email

We know it’s important that victims receive Victim Support funds quickly to reduce hardship and allow everyone to look to the future with more certainty. That’s why we released three emergency lump sum payments in the immediate aftermath of the events, and why we are now working toward a final payment before the end of June 2019.

Over the coming weeks Victim Support is continuing to engage with victims of the Christchurch terror attacks to hear their views before we close our fundraising appeal and distribute the final funds.

We are inviting victims (on the NZ Police list) to give their feedback. This includes:

  • The next-of-kin of those killed in the Christchurch terror attacks.
  • Those who were physically injured in the attacks.
  • Other victims present at the attacks.

We are in the process of holding individual and group meetings between now and the first week of June.

Please note, to ensure victims can speak freely in a safe environment, these meetings are private and not open to media or the general public.

Victim Support will continue to engage with community leaders, key stakeholders and other fund-holders about our final distribution to ensure our response is coordinated with their plans for the medium and long-term.

It is important for victims and the public to understand that Victim Support’s fundraising income cannot cover all long-term costs resulting from the attacks. The cost to the community will be many times what has been raised. As a charity, Victim Support simply seeks to provide emergency support for victims as much as possible with the funds and resources available.

MSD Case Workers can assist victims with finding additional financial support from government.

This fundraising is separate to Victim Support’s core role. Support Workers will still be available to provide support after the final distribution has been made.

Click here for more information on what support is available from Victim Support.

We are here for you. For all other matters, you can contact us on 0800 VICTIM (842 846) or