Have you donated more than $5.00 in the last four years? Every time you donate to a charity, school, or religious organisation, you are eligible for a 33% donation rebate from the IRD, but most Kiwis never bother with the paperwork involved to claim this.

What is Supergenerous?
Supergenerous is an easy way for you to claim back your rebate and put these extra funds to good use – whether that means regifting it to a charity like Victim Support or keeping it for yourself.

It only takes two minutes to join, and you might be surprised by how much your rebate is.

Find out more about Supergeneruos.

How do I sign up?
It takes just 3 easy steps

  1. Click on the link below - Give your name and contact details
  2. Let them know which organisations you have given to
  3. Wait to receive updates on your rebate and then decide what you’d like to do with it!

Sign up to Supergenerous

How will this help Victim Support?
None of us know when tragedy might strike – and we simply hope it never does. But if it does, no-one should be left wondering what to do or how to cope.

When you choose to give your gift to Victim Support, you are making sure that those left devastated by serious crime, loss or suicide will not have to bear this pain alone. It means that a Victim Support Worker can be there with them straightaway, helping to navigate the journey from victim to victor, leading to restoration of their well-being.

When you give, you’re making sure that over 40,000 Kiwis each year get the 24/7 wrap-around support they need – free of charge – whenever and wherever its needed.

Join Supergenerous today – and make sure that no New Zealander must bear the burden of grief, loss or trauma alone.