Victim Support | Profile: No-one should cope with trauma alone
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Profile: No-one should cope with trauma alone

Profile: No-one should cope with trauma alone

Losing a loved one is extremely difficult in any circumstance, but loss to suicide brings complex emotions, trauma, and risks which require specialised support.

“When we get a referral, we are able to activate support for whanau quickly and ascertain their support needs”, says Kiri, a Suicide Bereavement Specialist working with Victim Support.

“Whanau can expect compassion and specialised navigation to guide them through the processes ahead. We will be there for as long as they need support. However, we are guided by their needs as they are in control of the process.”

Kiri’s assistance varies depending on the needs of the bereaved. Practical support may include assisting with the legal, coronial and funeral processes, and other challenges facing the whanau or family such as media attention or dealing with other agencies.

Suicide Bereavement Specialists also provide case management and ensure clients’ holistic needs are being well-supported. They also individually supervise our Support Workers.

*Please contact our 24/7 contact service 0800 842 846 if you feel you would like to speak to someone about support.