Victim Support | New Victim Support suicide bereavement programme launched!
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New Victim Support suicide bereavement programme launched!

New Victim Support suicide bereavement programme launched!

At the end of 2018, Victim Support was proud to launch a new pilot programme to enable volunteer support workers to register with Victim Support to work solely with those affected by suicide. The programme makes it easier for people with the right skills to get involved as support workers, and provides clients with the benefits of greater specialisation.

“Less than six months into the pilot, we’re already finding it attracts support workers who are really motivated about
this issue,” says April Marshall, National Manager Bereavement Services.

“Support workers are able to better specialise their training, build experience with relevant cases, and build closer relationships with our suicide bereavement specialists on staff. Most importantly they can respond more quickly to call- outs and give more time to each case.”

Working with people affected by suicide is a unique part of our work and an area that many are deeply dedicated to.
The programme has gathered strong interest with over volunteer 70 applications in the first two weeks.