Victim Support | Support after sexual violence
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Support after sexual violence


Sexual violence and abuse include a wide range of unwanted sexual incidents, including rape and physical violence, as well as unwanted touching, recordings, or psychological or verbal abuse of a sexual nature. It can impact people of all genders, ages, cultures, and backgrounds.

If you have experienced sexual violence or abuse, there are a range of options available to support you to stay safe, get help, and report abuse. Victim Support works with specialist sexual violence support agencies to connect you with the right support. We also provide some financial assistance to assist you with costs which result from an offence, including to attend court.

Reporting sexual violence to authorities may be difficult for many and you don’t have to go through making that decision alone. You can still contact a sexual violence support agency even if you haven’t reported the incident to Police. They will provide you with support and information to make your own decisions about the right options for you.

Here are some suggestions that might help you cope better with what you’re experiencing: Finding Strength – coping with grief or trauma. You may also want to read our Crisis and Trauma Fact Sheet, and find out some strategies for Coping with Media – Serious Incident or crime.

Finding support:

To connect with a sexual violence support agency in your community, contact the National Sexual Harm Helpline ‘Safe to Talk’ on 0800 044 334.

Safe to talk provides 24/7 access to free and confidential information and support. The helpline enables you to get advice and support from trained specialists and to be connected to support services in your community.

Safe to talk is available for free 24 hours a day, seven days a week by:

You can contact this service anytime, if you:

  • Have been sexually harmed or are worried about something that’s happened
  • Want to help someone
  • Are concerned about your own thoughts or about harming someone
  • Have harmed someone else
  • Want information about sexual violence and abuse

Information about local sexual violence services in your community is also available at

Financial assistance:

If you were the victim / survivor of a sexual crime that occurred on or after 1 January 2010, and you reported this crime to the police, you may be eligible for financial assistance for costs related to the incident under the Victim Financial Assistance Scheme administered by Victim Support. More information about the scheme is available here.

A range of other financial support, including for counselling and lost earnings, is available through ACC. Call ACC Sensitive Claims on 0800 735 566 or visit to find out more.

General information about financial assistance for victims of crime is also available here.

Victim Support are here to help:

You can download a brochure of our services and support to victims of crime, trauma and suicide here:
Here for you to help you get through, or in other languages here:
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Useful information and resources: includes a wide range of information for people affected by sexual violence and abuse. provides information about the justice system for people affected by sexual violence. is provided by ACC to help you find the support you need following sexual violence, including funded therapy and counselling services. is the website for the national network of sexual violence agencies. It includes useful information about sexual violence and how to access help.